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When you work with us you receive the expertise we have gained from nearly 30 years of experience retrofitting and studying.. Learn more »

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Retrofitting protects the house from slipping off the foundation (with bolts or anchors) and to the floor framing above. Learn more »

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Please check our Clients page to see the full list of satisfied customers we worked for since 1983. Check also the testimonial page here.

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We spend time educating our customers to make them feel comfortable and well informed. Check our Education page to Learn more »

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    About Us

    Quake Busters has been in the business of seismic retrofitting in Oakland & surrounding area since 1983. We take pride in being the leader in bringing this technology and service to the Bay Area.

    Our philosophy in doing business is multi-faceted. We strongly believe in education. We want our clients to feel comfortable and well informed from the beginning. That is why we spend time consulting with you, providing explanations of terms with diagrams, current information and articles on earthquakes, a list of customer references, and a checklist for earthquake preparedness.

    When you work with us you receive the expertise we have gained from nearly 30 years of experience retrofitting and studying with Engineers. Our customers have helped us build a reputation for excellent service and credibility, and they are our most important asset.

    Jerome and crew worked hard to get my job done on time and on budget. My crawlspace is about 12-14″ in some spots and they methodically went around the entire foundation over a week and took care of everything. Of the nine contractors I’ve worked with over the past few years they were the easiest to work with and delivered everything they promised. Jerome also took the time to talk about earthquake risk, codes and standards – an excellent education component of their work! I cannot recommend them enough.

    On another note, there was a 4.0 earthquake this morning – centered under my driveway! As I ducked and covered with my infant daughter I kept thinking how glad I was to have had QB do our retrofit when we did…

    – Michael M., Berkeley CA