Congratulations for owning a home in Berkeley!  Seismic Retrofitting in Berkeley is governed by the Building Department.  If you have owned your home for less than a year, you have Transfer Tax Rebate money available to you.  But is is not without stipulations.   Please call us for a free inspection, and we can tell you if your home would require an engineer,(Plan set B) to proceed, or if your home fits the criteria for Plan set A, which allows Quake Busters to submit the required documentation and plans, without needing an engineer.

If you have owned your home more than a year, you are not eligible for the Transfer Tax Rebate.  In order for you to retrofit your home, you also must bring your home up to the prescribed levels of safety that the City of Berkeley requires.  What that means is that we can do an inspection on your home, and determine if the City will require an engineer, or if we can follow Plan set A, and save the cost of an engineer.

The specific requirements are on the City of Berkeley website, on the published Plan set A details.    It is listed on page S1 under General Instructions: Read First